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IRROMETER | Tensiometer | SR 12"

IRROMETER | Tensiometer | SR 12"

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 The Irrometer Model SR features a threaded, user replaceable tip, and is designed for general use with row, tree and field crops enabling manual measurement and tracking of soil moisture status for most soil types. 

  • 0-100 cb (kPa) range gauge
  • Replaceable Threaded Ceramic Tip (white)
  • Air-free gauge gives accurate readings
  • Large reservoir makes maintenance easy
  • Hermetically sealed gauge designed for harsh environments

 For use with traditionally native soils. Not soiless medias, potting soil, or our living soil. 

The SR series of Irrometer tensiometer best reading range is between 20 and 60 centibar. The range is based off of what type of native soil you have. 

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